A.P. Moller – Maersk Increases Sustainable Rail Transport Alternatives

A.P. Moller - Maersk Increases Sustainable Rail Transport Alternatives

Maersk has extended its sustainability support of German rail customers with a new CapO2 free intermodal transports solution, which is now available on 85% of its German inland rail services.

This local and cost neutral solution reduces CO₂ emissions to zero and saves around 9.100 tons of CO₂ annually compared to conventional trains and approx. 40.000 tons compared to road transport.

Maersk says their aim is to be able to convert 100% of their rail inland network in a year from now, by Q1 2022. This is another example of Maersk’s effort to help customers reach their goals to reduce their CO₂ footprint.

Johannes Tenschert, Maersk Intermodal Sales Manager, Germany, said: “The container trains, powered by green electricity, will connect the seaport of Bremerhaven with important domestic economic centers such as Mannheim, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich.”

Maersk rail transport in Germany is facilitated by ERS/boxXpress.de which operates 100% electric trains in the country. The Hamburg railway company uses 100 percent renewable hydropower. Bernd Decker, Managing Director at ERS and Board member at boxXpress.de. explains: “It is recognized by TÜV Nord as “Certified Green Electricity.”

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