APL Employees Sow Seeds for a Greener Tomorrow


Forty-five volunteers in Thailand devoted their weekend on the 29-30 of June at Salak Pra Wildlife Sanctuary, sowing seeds of hope. Rolling up their sleeves and getting to work, APL’s employees were busy doing their part for a greener tomorrow.

Under the guidance of park staff, 200 trees were planted and 300 seed bombs – balls of compost, clay and native seeds – were catapulted into the Sanctuary. APL employees were also given an eye-opening experience of building a check dam which serves to minimize soil erosion by reducing the speed of water flow.

Established in 1965, the Sanctuary is Thailand’s first wildlife sanctuary. Over the years, the growth in population coupled with neglect have been detrimental to the Sanctuary, hence the heightened need for preservation efforts to restore it to its pristine condition.

Araya Siri, APL Sales Executive, who was part of the organizing committee for this initiative, said: “We are doing this for a better future. Our efforts will leave a long-lasting impact. While the trees will take time to grow and flourish, the trees that we plant today will still be here for at least the next 50 years.”

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