The neutral rate network for container shipping, USA-based CargoSphere recently announced they had added Maersk Spot to their industry-leading rates platform.

Customers using the Maersk Spot product will receive a loading guarantee and a fixed price at booking. As a result of the new integration, customers can access Maersk Spot rates together with their confidential contract rates in a single rate search on CargoSphere.

Maersk first went live on CargoSphere in August 2018, digitally distributing their confidential rates to shippers using the CargoSphere Rate Mesh and CargoSphere eSUDS (electronic Smart Upload and Diagnostics Solution). Ocean freight rate management for customers is significantly streamlined due to the fully-automated transfer of Maersk contract rates that eSUDS technology provides.

CargoSphere was able to quickly integrate the Maersk Spot product having completed the initial integration for confidential rates in 2018 enabling real-time visibility to both of Maersk’s offerings.

CargoSphere Managing Director, Neil Barni said, “We are delighted to extend Maersk’s newest rate product to its customers in a 100% digital rate CargoSphere ecosystem. As the world’s connector for all ocean rates, we are uniquely positioned to deliver confidential contract, fixed and dynamic spot rates that, used in tandem, can create more win-win scenarios for carriers and shippers.”

Head of Ocean Product Excellence at Maersk, Liezel du Toit said,”We’re excited to add the Maersk Spot option to the digital engagement we already have with CargoSphere. Our ultimate goal is to simplify supply chains and provide the best customer experience possible. By offering advanced, digital solutions, we’re enabling our customers to quickly and easily transact with us the way they’re used to transacting in their personal lives, online and in real-time. CargoSphere has demonstrated strength in innovation and technology, and offers a tremendous distribution opportunity.”