Dematic Powers the Future of Commerce with Launch of Micro-Fulfilment Solution


Logistics automation innovator Dematic has launched its micro-fulfillment solution, designed to help retailers across industries address increased consumer demand for rapid online order fulfillment in a small footprint. The Dematic solution empowers customers with high throughput requirements to maximize space and achieve profitability with e-commerce ordering, ultimately, advancing their omnichannel distribution strategy to give customers what they want when they want it with one-hour fulfillment.

Dematic’s micro-fulfillment solution implements a compact, automated goods-to-person shuttle system within a section of a retail store, dark store or urban fulfillment center, in an area as small as 1,000 square meters. Automation enables the retailer to pick and process orders approximately ten times faster than the manual in-store method. Inventory information is available in real-time and accuracy is near perfect, which results in satisfied customers who can pick up their orders within one hour of placement. Orders can also be transferred to other stores or delivered directly to the consumer.

Dematic Micro-Fulfilment Advantages

  • Rapid picking and processing of orders: one-hour fulfillment
  • 10x faster than manual in-store picking
  • Real-time inventory information
  • Near-perfect order pick accuracy
  • Installation in as little as 12 weeks
  • Configuration into footprints as small as 1,000 sqm
  • Industry standard-setting technology: Dematic Multishuttle and Goods-to-Person picking solutions
  • Cold zone environment capabilities
  • A global footprint that enables implementation at scale
  • Unmatched 24x7x365 local customer service

“We’re driven to make shopping at Meijer easy and convenient, so micro-fulfillment is another way our company is leaning into the future of retail. This micro-fulfillment technology will allow us to maximize space in our stores, help us expand our online shopping options and ultimately keep pace with consumer demand for personalized shopping solutions that put their shopping preferences first,” commented Sid Handa, Director of Strategic Supply Chain Initiatives for Meijer.

The Dematic Micro-Fulfilment Difference

Integrating the power of intelligent automation and human expertise, the Dematic Micro-Fulfilment solution is a combination of automated technology and proprietary Dematic iQ software. The software provides seamless integration with inventory management, warehouse, and ERP systems so that all stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices are networked on the same platform.

With the ability build and install in as quick as 12 weeks, the Dematic Micro-Fulfilment solution is designed to be implemented close to the end consumer and is configured to fit into small footprints – in the back of a retail store, in a nearby dark store or urban fulfillment center. Such close proximity enables retailers to better utilize and maximize space, making one-hour fulfillment possible while increasing profitability.

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