DSV Accelerates Innovation through Plug and Play

DSV Accelerates Innovation through Plug and Play

DSV has extended its participation in one of the largest innovation programs in the world – Plug and Play. The program matches start-ups with corporates to accelerate innovation for both.

Luca Graf, head of the DSV Innovation Hub said: “We believe that the fastest way to find innovative solutions, test them out, and learn from others is through a network such as Plug and Play. The goal of our innovation efforts is to improve the customer experience and become more efficient.”

He added, “It is crucial for us to get to know the start-ups that are currently developing the next generation of supply chain and logistics technology and that’s what Plug and Play ensures.”

DSV says they are looking for innovation within warehouse automation, end-to-end visibility, e-commerce logistics, supply chain digitization, and sustainability.

Panalpina entered the program in 2018, and has continued it’s participation under DSV Panalpina, yielding promising partnerships, visibility in the innovation environment, and several project pilots.

“We also meet customers at the Plug and Play events. Both existing and potential customers. Some of them see our innovation efforts and show interest in collaborating for the benefit of both. There really are many ways that Plug and Play yields results,” says Luca Graf, and adds, “We need to embrace this type of open innovation, as it speeds up the process.”

In a current pilot, the DSV Innovation Hub works with start-ups developing drones for inventory control in warehouses. Results have been very promising so far. In addition, Plug and Play has helped to scout dozens of promising solutions that reduce the CO2 footprint of our operation and services.

“It is impressive to see what technological solutions are developed by startups that help us increase efficiency and improve the services we provide our customers,” says Luca Graf.

“We are very excited to have DSV on board as one of our Supply Chain & Logistics partners as they are a perfect fit for our ecosystem of industry-leading corporate partners,” explains Mike Zayonc, Founder of Plug and Play Supply Chain & Logistics.

“Having partners like DSV, Unilever, ExxonMobil, Shell, Walmart, Schneider Electric, DHL, and BASF working together to collaborate with the most advanced technologies is a perfect venue to digitally transform the Supply Chain & Logistics industry.”

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