Maritime Fairtrade Launches Localized Websites Across ASEAN

Maritime Fairtrade Launches Localized Websites Across ASEAN

Maritime Fairtrade has launched localized websites across ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The group says the goal is to reduce corrupt practices in the shipping industry.

Maritime Fairtrade is a collaborative hub advocating for ethical shipping practices and works to positively influence businesses through education. As part of the wider goal to combat corruption in the Asian maritime industry, setting up localized websites in the ASEAN region provides an avenue for resource sharing, effectively increasing awareness around unethical practices.

The group says the expansion of illicit trafficking and corrupt behaviors are only growing, especially so in a Covid-era where there is an increase in shipping activities and consequently, fraud. At the same time, the pandemic is directing consumers towards sustainable buying patterns, which makes it a prime time for shipping companies and partners to relook into ethical policies.

Accessibility to the right sources of information where you can reliably understand the challenges and opportunities for a corruption-free industry is decisive in turning the tide. Maritime Fairtrade’s strategy of pushing localized websites chips away at this goal, by reaching a wider audience and influence. By optimizing websites in the local languages used in ASEAN countries, anti-corruption messages can be better delivered and understood by site visitors. Tailored language localization counts for more than simple translation, it considers the social, political and historical aspects of foreign markets – tuning these nuances into how the website looks and reads.

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