PAT Expands its Business Opportunity with Microsite


One crucial factor for a successful and sustainable business is comprehensively reaching your business partners and business alliances while constructing a firm and reliable image for your business. To keep pace in the ever-evolving market, the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) has developed a microsite for its Marketing and Business Development Department as a 24/7 information portal, offering its customers and business partners a new experience. At the same time, PAT is elevating its international business standards and opening the door to endless possibilities.


A microsite is an individual web page designed to reach a specific group of audiences with particular information efficiently. It enables businesses a new channel to promote their services and products while offering audiences a simple and convenient online experience.

PAT Marketing’s microsite acts as a doorway for Thai and international businesses interested in partnering with PAT. It introduces the company to global audiences as an international standard, reliable, high-efficiency entity, complete with State-of-the-art equipment and strategic locations throughout Thailand.

The microsite comprises four main information sections, including 1. About PAT and PAT Marketing information 2. PAT’s 5 Ports information 3. Press Release 4. Corporate Gallery.

Starting at the top of the Home Page, users will find a tab of social media icons connecting to PAT Marketing’s social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Next to the tab is the language changing button that allows both Thai and international audiences to experience PAT’s latest information portal. Below is a menu bar for the site’s subpages, including About PAT and About PAT Marketing, PAT’s facilities, Media Section, and contact page.


‘Our Facility’ menu introduces users to PAT’s five ports around Thailand, including Laem Chabang Port, Bangkok Port, Chiang Saen Port, Chiang Khong Port, and Ranong Port. With one click to each port’s subpage, users will find images and ‘about’ information, and by scrolling down, users can learn general information about each port.  

Below the general information is the unique equipment and services available at each port. The lower part of each port’s subpage contains its address and contact information, including phone number, email, and the port’s main website. Each port’s subpage also displays its location accurately with Google Maps, allowing customers and business partners to travel to PAT’s five ports conveniently.


The ‘About Us’ page introduces audiences to PAT and PAT’s Marketing and Business Development Department. Users can learn about PAT’s history as well as the company’s vision and values. Below, users can see the complete list of PAT executives by clicking the right arrow above the list.

At the lower part of the PAT subpage is PAT’s contact information, including an address, phone number, email, and Google Map to the PAT office building. Additionally, PAT’s Marketing and Business Development Department subpage introduces audiences to the Department’s capability in supporting the business growth of customers and partners.  


Thai and international audiences can keep up with PAT’s latest news and activities via the ‘News’ subpage in the ‘Media Section’ submenu, which offers Thai and English content. Users can also share news from the microsite via private Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as an email account.

To stay on top of PAT’s latest updates, users can receive up-to-date news via email by clicking the ‘Subscribe to Our E-Newsletter’ button on the lower section of the microsite’s home page.

PAT Marketing’s microsite also accommodates a media ‘Corporate Image Center’, allowing users to download PAT logos and images of PAT’s five ports for publication purposes.


PAT Marketing’s microsite opens the door to business opportunity with its ‘Discuss Opportunity’ at the top section of the home page, which allows businesses interested in partnering with PAT to specifically reach PAT for a business purpose by filling in the contact form.  

At the same time, general audiences can reach PAT by fill in the question form at the footer of the microsite.

Thai and international users can now access PAT Marketing’s microsite via various communicating devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones by visiting or scanning the QR Code below.  

PAT’s Marketing and Business Development Department is part of the Port Authority of Thailand organization. It aims at supporting shippers and logistics entities to expand with enhanced business opportunities steadily. Its team comprises logistics-experienced personnel who truly understand the challenges of achieving business opportunities in Thailand.

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