Senior representatives from PSA Corporation Ltd (PSA) and Envision Digital International Pte Ltd (Envision) recently announced they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to launch a new collaboration for knowledge sharing along with capability transfer for development in the fields of technology, engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT).

As a result of the new MOU each company will benefit greatly from each other, PSA’s innovative strengths and capabilities as a leading port operator combined with global AIoT technology leader, Envision will bolster existing capability development in today’s fast-changing global landscape.

Expertise in industry concepts, technical architectures, systems and case studies about the development of an intelligent and sustainable port will be shared between both companies.

PSA International Group CEO, Tan Chong Meng said, “PSA is excited to collaborate with and learn from like-minded and innovative partners such as Envision, to add valuable breadth and depth to both our companies’ fields of expertise. In particular, we hope to grow new capabilities and leverage leading-edge technologies towards the creation of intelligent and energy-efficient port systems, enabling us to excel in energy sustainability, while in pursuit of our goal for greater supply chain orchestration.”

Envision Group CEO, Zhang Lei added We are very honored to sign this MoU with PSA to develop capabilities on Smart Ports and Smart Energy using our flagship AIoT Operating System, the EnOSTM and PSA’s rich domain knowledge. We will work together with PSA to develop new capabilities and create new business opportunities.”