A landmark moment was recently reached in the shipping industry as the first paperless, instantly financed and fully door-to-door tracked container made its way from Korea to the warehouse of Samsung SDS in Tilburg via Port of Rotterdam on the Blockchain-based platform DELIVER.

The Port of Rotterdam, Samsung SDS and ABN AMRO worked in conjunction to highlight how blockchain technology allows interoperability, and that required cargo documentation processing, financing and tracking and tracing can now be achieved in a secure and trusted way without the need for paper.

Blockchain and several other new technologies have the potential to reinvent the management of supply chains replacing the more traditional ways of working. The DELIVER concept has proved with its Proof of Concept (PoC), that a comprehensive supply chain management system with paperless integration of physical, administrative and financial flows is now possible.

Iwan Maessen, Terminal Manager at Barge Terminal Tilburg who organised and executed the haulage of the sea container from the Port of Rotterdam to the warehouse in Tilburg stated, “The platform enables our company to use a uniform communications strategy to receive and share accurate information among supply chain members and use this to make better demand forecast decisions and identify the most suitable transportation mode for delivery.’’

Deputy  President of Samsung SDS EU/CIS, Robert van der Waal had this to say, “The first shipments to use the platform gave us a good insight into the possibilities of large-scale implementation. As for cargo recipient, we benefited from real-time information and advance availability of digitized cargo documentation. We can re-design our processes more efficiently, enabling us to act based on real-time events and trusted data. Ultimately, this will strengthen our service proposition to customers.”

Finally, Edwin van Bommel, Chief Innovation Officer at ABN AMRO, said, “We are strongly committed to helping our clients fully automate their trade flow processes. All parties involved  in the trade flow will benefit from more effective controls, greater efficiency, transparency and traceability.’’